Monday, May 11, 2015

To Snap, Dub, or Keek?

Keeping up with millennials can be a pretty tough thing to do, especially since millennials are the epitome of trendsetters. Let’s look at social media. As a marketer, are you communicating with millennials via their preferred platform or the platform you’re most comfortable using? Not sure? Here are a few social media outlets that millennials are currently using.

No longer are the days of Facebook being the main social media site. Millennials are using applications like Snapchat, Dub Smash, and Keek to have conversations with friends and family. 

Snapchat allows you to send video messages to your friends and family. Gone are the days of simply texting and calling.  With Snapchat, you no longer have to wonder if the intention of your message is understood. Since its video, you can communicate your message exactly how you intend. Snapchat also allows face to face video chatting. Marketers can easily use Snapchat to directly market a product or service to their intended audience. 

Dubsmash is becoming one of the most widely used video applications. Dubsmash allows millennials to express themselves by recording 30 second videos with pre – recorded sounds and audio clips. This application also allows you to make a video montage of all of the small videos you capture while being able to upload them to social media to share with your friends.  

Keek has over 70 million users. It is described as a combination of Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Keek provides the capability to share videos with friends and family. Additionally, you may like and follow your favorite celebrity or company.   With Keek, you are may share as much or as little of your life with the people who follow you. 

Kik, not to be confused with Keek, has over 200 million users. Kik literally allows you to talk with anyone. You can start a group conversation by creating a hashtag. Those interested in the hashtag can join the conversation. Kik lets the user decide who they want to talk to and how. You can share videos, memes, pics, gifs, and anything else you find. 

As a millennial, it would be great to see companies share their message through various social media apps that millennials use every day. It shows that these companies truly understand the way I communicate and want me to notice their product or service.  With millennials, you have to stay ahead because you never know how quick a social media platform will be considered a thing of the past and what will be deemed the hottest new trend. 

As marketers, I’m sure you are aware, social media means instant connection and communication.  Communicating on the right platform is key. After reading this blog, take a good look at the current social media platforms you are using. If it is not reaching the audience you intended, it’s time to do your research and quickly change the way you have been communicating.  As it relates to millennials, using social media to communicate is not a choice.  It’s a mandate.

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