Thursday, October 9, 2014

“Chasing Millennials”

As a millennial, I’d like to share one word with you to help your brand(s) to succeed.  “Trendsetter”.  Trendsetter is the new word, the new vibe, and the new way to get to this audience.  You must change the way you want us to see, hear, and buy your products, as well as read and remember your messages.

“Trendsetter”, because we are constantly changing and multitasking we have little time to spend to listen to things that are not of interest, which actually sounds to us as “blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.”  We are tech savvy which means we can search and find what we want, when we want it and where we want it. 

“Trendsetter”, because we are using the hottest product before the rest of the world has even thought about it or has interest in it.   We set the tone for everyone else and by the time everyone starts using the products we use, we have already moved on to the next best thing. If you are marketing to us, you must beat us to the punch. You must stay ahead of the game and provide us with the products we need and want before we know we need or want it. Once we get a hold of the product, we use it and spread the word and then the rest of the world follows. 

Let’s look at social media. The very first thing that became big that millennials were on was Myspace. Most people were using it to be noticed in the music industry, but millennials turned it into the hottest social media site.  When the rest of the world jumped on Myspace, we moved on to Facebook. When Facebook became popular, our parents started using it, and we moved on to Instagram.
We are very different from Boomers, and X’ers.  We dislike waiting and love that we are different.  We enjoy the differences in our “group” --- We can connect with others in a matter of seconds, find out what is going on all over the world with friends we've met in grade school, high school, camp and college through a variety of social media mediums.   We can even “see” them with the new technology that has been introduced!

We love brands, new things on the market that relate to who we are and what we are doing.  We know what’s happening in sports, music, TV shows, videos, movies, apps, a variety of foods and a list of other hot things----we are constantly connected. Talk to us---- ask us to try your product.  But be careful.  You won’t find us looking for an ad or coupon in the newspaper or listening to a radio commercial and if you move too slowly even in social media arenas, we maybe on to the next.  If you want your brand to be larger than life, be sure to say ahead of the millennial, as we will help take your product to new heights.

What’s the next big thing for millennials? Please believe when we find it, we will let the rest of the world know.

Written by Michael Frank Steele, Marketing Intern, Advantage Communications, Inc.